Never complain,never explain


get that beautiful smoky eye look the easy way. set your lashes on fire


I just wanna have abs…olutely all the pasta and breadsticks


u can run

u can hide

but u can’t change the fact that scooby doo’s real name is scoobert doo


i love that book the fault in our wallflowers


i don’t understand why you’re so upset. sure she broke up with you but she’s going to die someday. you’re going to die someday. you could even be murdered, and since most murder victims are attacked by people they know it could be me. i could murder you. i could kill you dude. right here. right now. i could squeeze the life out of you with my bare hands and you’re worried about a fucking breakup


dick longer than a middle schoolers instagram bio


i cant believe its been almost 10 years since hannah montana premiered on disney channel